Charis Church International

About Charis

Charis Church International began in Barry and Linda Manson’s front room and now meets at the now meets at:

The Antioch Centre,
80 Headford Street,


here to view our location on google maps.

We are a diverse cultural group, including English, Irish, Welsh, Italian, Lithuanian and Pakistani (so far), hence the addition of International to the name. The diversity is fantastic when it comes to having meals together!!!

Our commonality is in discovering the security, identity and destiny that we have found in Jesus Christ.  

We believe in God’s empowering presence and purpose in people's lives to enable each one to reign in life. Rom.5.17.





Jack Taylor

New Life City

International Gospel Outreach

Open Kingdom




Pastor Barry Manson

Barry is the Pastor of Charis Church International and obtained his ordination credentials in ministry from International Gospel Outreach and New Life City Albuquerque USA.

He holds a Masters (with distinction) degree in Theology along with over thirty years ministry experience beginning with a missionary ministry in Holland and India before establishing his first church in UK in 1983.


Barry is married to Linda who brings the gift of wisdom and pastoral care to the church.

Errol & Audrey Legister
Errol & Audrey Legister serve the church as assistant pastors.Errol has a background in music and was a professional singer for a number of years. Errol served with mission teams in South America and latterly has worked on social projects in Sheffield. As well as pastoral care in the church, Errol also  leads the worship team. Audrey is a beauty consultant by profession. However, inner beauty is most important to her and she brings practical pastoral wisdom as well as a prophetic gift to the church Together they are a great team.